Welcome to Syncat

WELCOME TO SYNCAT – ADVANCED SYNTHESIS AND CATALYSIS MASTER DEGREE PROGRAM! You have found your way to an exciting and inspiring master degree program in Chemistry – Congratulations! While you are here, let us introduce you to the essentials of our program…

If you have studied Chemistry or a closely related field, and have already gained some insight into how chemical reactions work, you may be interested to deepen your knowledge further.

How can Chemistry contribute to a sustainable development by using ecologically benign synthesis and catalysis? How can chemical processes get improved in the spirit of green chemistry, e.g. to utilize renewable resources for producing valuable chemical compounds required in our everydays life such as pharmaceuticals, biofuels, or agricultural products?

In our research oriented program you will learn the concepts of modern synthesis and catalysis, which will prepare you to successfully meet challenges in society to which chemistry will be the key to their solution.

Be curious, take a look around to get some impressions, and if you like what you see, be sure to leave a comment.