How To: External (International) Module „Research“

How To: External (International) Module „Research“


Module contents:

In a customized research internship of about 2 months of duration, preferably outside the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, the participants acquire practical research experience in an international context.


Qualification objectives of the module / competencies to be acquired:

The ability to achieve and document, in a limited time, scientifically sound results on a new topic and in a new research environment.


Recommended time for your stay abroad:

The lecture-free periods between the first and second semester or between the second and third semester (February/March or end of July to mid of October)

Module workload / number of credit points:

Workload: Total number of hours: 360


  1. Attendance: 200 hours
  2. Independent study: 160 hours

Credit points (CPs): 12

Deliverables: Research report

1. First, think about the time period during which you would like to spend your stay abroad.

Recommended time: The lecture-free periods between the first and second semester or between the second and third semester (February/March or end of July to mid of October)

2. Which topics interest you the most during your studies? In which area would you like to do research?

If you need assistance with your decision, you are welcome to contact Dr. Jonathan Bauer.

3. After you have contacted your working group and arranged the stay abroad, please make sure, that you think of visa, accommodation and all the organisational issues you need for your stay abroad.If you need assistance here, please contact the Course Coordination SynCat Dr. Anja Stromeck-Faderl.

4. Fill in the registration form for lab courses and submit it to the Course Coordination SynCat.

5. Register in FlexNow for your international research lab course (under Prof. König: International Research Lab Course – Synthesis LSF-No. 53291).

6. Have a nice stay abroad.

7. Fill in the cover sheet for the research report and get the signature of your supervisor.

8. After your stay abroad you have to write a research report. Please submit the report (with the signed cover sheet) to your supervisor, then to the lecturer who established the contact and also to the Course Coordination SynCat so that you get the entry in FlexNow.

9. Finally we ask you to provide us with feedback on your stay abroad. Please write just a few lines about your work, the organisational issues and so on and submit it to the Course Coordination SynCat.

Travel reimbursement:

All SynCat students receive max. 2000.00 Euros for their stay abroad from the SynCat project.

Reimbursement is possible for flight, accommodation and visa. You get also money for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For the “food” expenses, no receipt or anything else is needed. What we need is a booking confirmation or a bill of your flight, accommodation and visa. If these were paid by credit/bank card, we need a banking statement.

Please do not forget to give us your banking details.

If you have any questions on travel reimbursement, do not hesitate to contact Viola Rappenegger.

Contact persons:

Contact person for general questions:

Course coordination SynCat, Dr. Anja Stromeck-Faderl, Office CH 03.1.86,


Contact person for professional and academic questions:

Dr. Jonathan Bauer, Institute for Inorganic Chemistry, Office CH 14.3.85,


Contact person for questions regarding reimbursement of travel expenses:

Viola Rappenegger, Assistant (Syncat Master), Office CH 03.1.86,