How To: German Language Course

How To: German Language Course

The examination regulations provide that German language skills of up to 120 hours must be proven by the end of the first academic year at the latest (based on Examination Regulations §4 (5)).

You can choose between the following German language courses:

A)  Pre-semester Intensive Language Training Course (ILC) 

Course offered by the International Office

  •  Takes place 5-6 weeks before the next winter or summer term starts (beginning of September until mid of October or beginning of March until mid of April)
  • Course fee of 320 € will be reimbursed for SynCat students
  • If you want to attend the ILC please contact the Course Coordination SynCat Dr. Anja Stromeck-Faderl. Application deadline:  December 15 for the summer term, June 15 for the winter term
  • Within 6 weeks, the scope of 120 hours of German lessons can be achieved.The ILC is the only way to attain the required German level even before the beginning of the degree program.

B) German language courses (during the semester) for PhD students that are also open for students of English Master programs:

Course offered by the “Zentrum-Sprache-Kommunikation”

  • Takes place early in the evening
  • Course fee of 30€ for 28 lessons will be reimbursed for SynCat students
  • With a total of 4 consecutive course sessions (each 28 lessons), the scope of 120 hours can be achieved.
  • These courses can also be attended after the ILC for those who wish to continue learning German.


C) German Language Courses during the semester:

Course offered by the “Zentrum-Sprache-Kommunikation” during the semester

  • Contact: Thomas Stahl from DaF
  • No course fee
  • Take place during the semester
  • Courses at various levels, starting at level A1.
  • The A1.1. course contains 6 hours of lectures per week, so 90 lessons are covered within one semester. With the follow-up course A1.2. (also 6 hours of lectures per week) 180 German lessens would be covered.
  • For complete beginners we recommend to join the Online course “Deutsch als zweite Fremdsprache – German after English” of the Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern vhb parallel to the A1.1 course (classroom course)
  • You can find information about this classes at the Zentrum-Sprache-Kommunikation portal OR VHB portal
  • The online course together with the classroom A1.1 course covers the required 120 lessons.


After you have successfully completed your German language course, do not forget to submit a scan copy of the certificate (120 h German lessons) to the Course Coordination SynCat.

If you have any questions regarding the German language courses or if none of these courses is suitable to you, please do not hesitate to contact the Course Coordination SynCat.

Contact person:
Course coordination SynCat, Dr. Anja Stromeck-Faderl, Office CH 03.1.86,