How To: Lab courses

How To: Lab courses

In basic module „Synthesis“ (SYN):

ASC-M SYN.10 Lab Course Synthesis (6 contact hours, 6 CPs, 90 h), LSF-No. 53251

In basic module „Catalysis“ (CAT):

ASC-M CAT.9 Lab Course Catalysis (6 contact hours, 6 CPs, 90 h), LSF-No. 53261

Information for both Lab Courses:

  • By appointment in WS or SS
  • To complete during the first two semester (1st and 2nd semester)
  • Within the lab courses you will work independently on a specific topic in the laboratory of a working group at the Organic or Inorganic Institute under the guidance of a master/doctoral student.
  • Two different working groups should be chosen ideally for Lab Course Synthesis and Lab Course Catalysis.

Step 1:

Think about the topic you would like to work on and select the appropriate working group.

Think about the time period during which you would like to complete the lab courses and make an arrangement with your planned supervisor.

Should you need assistance with choosing a working group you can contact Dr. Jonathan Bauer.

Step 2:

Fill in the registration form for the lab courses and submit it to Dr. Petra Hilgers if you have chosen a working group at the Organic Institute, or to Dr. Jonathan Bauer if you have chosen a working group at the Inorganic Institute.

Step 3:

Register in FlexNow: Lab Course “Synthesis” (53251), Lab Course “Catalysis” (53261)

  • for lab course in Organic Chemistry under Prof. König (Dr. Hilgers)
  • for lab course in Inorganic Chemistry under Prof. Scheer (Dr. Bauer)

Step 4:

Enjoy your lab course.

Step 5:

After you have successfully completed your lab course, write a report and forward it together with the cover sheet to your supervisor for correction. Your supervisor should forward your report to Dr. Hilgers (Organic Chemistry) or to Dr. Bauer (Inorganic Chemistry).

The deadline for submitting the report is 4 weeks after finishing your lab work!

If everything is ok, you will get the respective entry in FlexNow.

Please note: Without a successful completion of the lab courses you will not be allowed to take the corresponding module examination (SYN, CAT)!

Contact persons:

Organic Chemistry: Dr. Petra Hilgers, Office CH 32.1.83, E-mail:

Inorganic Chemistry: Dr. Jonathan Bauer, Office CH 14.3.85, E-mail:

Course coordination SynCat: Dr. Anja Stromeck-Faderl, Office CH 03.1.86, E-mail: