Elite Program

ELITE – WHAT IS SO SPECIAL? The SynCat program is part of the Elite Network of Bavaria that is administered by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts.

In order to provide excellence in education the title “Member of the Elite Network of Bavaria” labels only those institutes that offer world class research combined with progressive teaching strategies.

TEACHING We only admit a handful of students per semester in order to guarantee personal support for each student. Our philosophy is to guide students towards independent research. Lab projects and regular presentations of research results contribute to self-governed learning strategies.

PRESENTATION SKILLS While we put a strong focus on advanced science, there still is another important factor that contributes to success in top level research: presentation skills! In order to convincingly communicate into the community, confidence combined with communication strategies is necessary. The ability to engage in team work, and be flexible and enthusiastic are important cornerstones to success in an academic career. Our program will develope those qualities that already lie within you by exposing you to situations where you will be asked to demonstrate these skills.

INDIVIDUAL MENTORING We respect your personal background. We honor individuality. Each student will be assigned an academic mentor who may be consulted whenever problems arise. May they be of scientific or of a personal nature.

INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIPS Since we believe in the synergistic effects of cross national collaborations, we emphasize the international diversity of our program. Exchanging minds with fellow students and co-scientists, as well as experiencing life in a new setting, helps one to better understand the global challenges of problems of  scientific, economic and social natures. By inviting international students to Regensburg, and sending students abroad, we hope to inspire mutual insights that lead to a common ground in scientific relationships.

EARLY NETWORKING @SynCat we are part of a network of about 8000 members who strive for excellence in research and teaching. You will have the opportunity to meet like minded fellow students of other disciplines at various events through out the year. From time to time we also invite renowned guest lecturers who are also available for your questions and input. Yet another aspect of early networking is covered by your external modules, where you will get to get in touch with some of our extern partners and collaborating universities.

OUR PARTNERS We are always in the process of creating new partnerships. Here are some of our recent collaboration partners.