What’s in it?

ADVANCED SYNTHESIS AND CATALYSIS – You might wonder: What is this all about?

Well, we assume you have basic knowledge about fundamental chemical processes. And that you are curious about the nooks and grannies in custom designing molecules, with all the real live challenges and impact? – PERFECT, then read on…

Catalysis is one of the most powerful strategies to convert both conventional and alternative resources to valuable chemical compounds in environmentally friendly and economical processes. By understanding catalytic processes and applying advanced synthetic methods, chemical transformations are optimized by making them faster, cleaner and more sustainable.

The highly interactive master course Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis provides students with a sound foundation to do so by facilitating learning through a research-oriented curriculum. Both practical and theoretical skills are applied to relevant real world problems.

Students are trained on a variety of computational and laboratory techniques for developing new catalysts and synthetic methods. Academic skills such as scientific presentation and writing are strengthened in individual training sessions and hands-on lab courses.

By addressing challenges in sustainable developments, students are allowed from early on to contribute to the solution of problems todays society is encountering.