Course CoordinationDr. Anja Stromeck-Faderl
This is the person you go to with any concerns regarding the technical and administrative details of your studies, as well as for personal study counseling.

Office: CH 03.1.86
Office hours: Monday and Thursday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm (by appointment)
Contact by e-mail Monday to Thursday:
Course Co-CoordinationM.Sc. M.Sc. Petra Eichenseher
Just go see her, if you need support of any kind that is of non-administrative or non-subject specific nature. Also responsible for special SynCat events and communication.

Office: VG 212
Phone: 0941-943 5063
I always have an open ear, just give it a try.

Study AdvisorProf. Dr. Julia Rehbein
For all questions concerning the subject-specific course of your studies.

Office: CH 23.1.85
Phone: 0941-943 4628
Academic AdvisorProf. Dr. Arno Pfitzner
All points addressing the adjustment of the entry level of education to the SynCat Elite standard. Especially valid for admitted students.
ChairmanProf. Dr. Burkhard König

Institut für Organische Chemie
Universität Regensburg
93040 Regensburg, Germany
Office: CH 32.1.84
Phone: +49 941 943-4575
Fax: +49 941 943-1717

Professors and Associate Scientists: Our professors are at the forefront of research in catalysis. Take a look at their fields of expertise,  their professional work, and how their research topics are incorporated into the curriculum.

Research/Teaching AreaScientist
Metals and MoleculesDr. Gabor Balázs (Associate Scientist)
Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Korber
Dr. Robert Kretschmer
Prof. Dr. Manfred Scheer
Prof. Dr. Robert Wolf
Solid State ChemistryProf. Dr. Nikolaus Korber
Prof. Dr. Arno Pfitzner
Dr. Ilya Shenderovich (Associate Scientist)
Dr. Marc Schlosser
Polymers and Functional MaterialsProf. Dr. David Díaz Díaz
Prof. Dr. Arno Pfitzner
Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser
Organic SynthesisProf. Julia Rehbein
Prof. Dr. Burkhard König
Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser
BiomoleculesProf. Dr. Burkhard König
Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Sterner
Metal CatalysisDr. Jonathan Bauer
Prof. Dr. Robert Wolf
Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser
Dr. Robert Kretschmer
Organo/BiocatalysisProf. Dr. Burkhard König
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Sterner
Spectroscopy and TheoryDr. Gabor Balázs (Associate Scientist)
Dr. Michael Bodensteiner (Associate Scientist)
Prof. Dr. Ruth Gschwind
Dr. Robert Kretschmer
Prof. Dr. John Lupton (Associate Scientist)
Dr. Marc Schlosser (Associate Scientist)
Dr. Ilya Shenderovich (Associate Scientist)
Prof. Dr. Arno Pfitzner
Prof. Dr. Julia Rehbein
Photo/ElectrochemistryProf. Dr. Burkhard König
Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser
Technical ChemistryProf. Dr. David Díaz Díaz
Prof. Dr. Arno Pfitzner
Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser