TIMETABLES – What would your days, months and semesters look like?

Your weekly schedule depends on wether you start at summer or winter semester.


Lecture period in summer semester 2021: 12 April to 16 July 2021

According to current plans, more courses will be offered in attendance again in the summer semester. Please note the following marking in the course numbers:

D-: digital course that is not in presence

PRA- or P-: (practical) course in presence

P-(D-): presence planned, final decision to be taken in April

There may still be ongoing changes in dates and rooms, especially for classroom courses. Please check the current status at the start of lectures.

In the course catalog (LSF) of the UR you will find information on the access data for the digital lectures and whether or where you have to register for the course. (Select course catalog, Courses from the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Chemistry, Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis (SynCat): Master’s degree (M.Sc.))

For starting @ winter semester your weekly schedule reads as follows:

Schedule for summer semester 2021 (start in winter semester)


If you start @ summer semester this schedule is slightly modified:

Schedule for summer semester 2021 (start in summer semester)